Canada, November 2008: Travel Diary


29-Nov 2008: Farewell

I am leaving Toronto today. In summary, Toronto is not bad to live but there are less touristic attractions. As you know, I came here without a touristic purpose. So I felt very comfortable in this big city. I like the P-A-T-H, the harbourfront might be nicer in summer, Casa Loma was interesting, public transport is easy to use. So no doubt, I could live here.

We will see how it goes....


27- Nov 2008: Casa Loma

Yesterday I visited Toronto's castle Casa Loma:

The Kiwanis Club did a great job!


25-Nov 2008: Christmas Decoration at Eaton Centre


Today I discovered P-A-T-H, Toronto's Downtown Walkway. It is amazing to walk through downtown without any traffic...

"... PATH is downtown Toronto's underground walkway linking 27 kilometres of shopping, services and entertainment. Follow PATH and you'll reach your downtown destination easily in weatherproof comfort. ..." - Source:


24-Nov 2008: Pictures from the weekend

West of Yonge Street, between Queen Street West and Dundas

South West of Downtown

23-Nov 2008: My First Weekend in Toronto

Just discovering some so called neighborhoods downtown Toronto. I will add some pictures tomorrow.

     10:28 pm    

The CN Tower

is already prepared

for the holiday season.


     12:08 pm     

Yesterday it was very cold downtown. Even the pigeons took cover from the iciness as you see on the pic....


22-Nov 2008: Heaven on Earth

Yesterday on my way to the Loblaws supermarket I found a little "paradise". Actually, it is a liquor store where you can buy all types of wine, whiskey, beer... It was really amazing how big the assortment is. I found wines from France, Italy, Australia, a quite big range of New Zealand wine, US of course, etc. Only Spanish wine was not that popular. But one of the employees told me that Spain just started to export its wine. I was really impressed by the variety. And then I saw some cans of "Bitburger" and I felt that this is my country. If I felt homesick I would be able to have a "Bitburger"....


21-Nov 2008: Supplement - Monkey Brains

... you know what monkey brains are... ?
fruit of the Osage Orange tree, which when as a young tree has been used as natural fencing (because of its thorns)

as the trees grow older and the hedges are less tended, you will see more of the monkey brains showing up...

Thank you, Reinhold.


20-Nov 2008: Just another day in Toronto...

But for a special person, a special day...





19-Nov 2008: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, ...

09:57 pm - Note! It still snows in Toronto. I wonder how the city looks like covered with snow. Probably, I will see this picture tomorrow.


It snows in Toronto. Last night it was really cold, about minus 8 degree Celsius. But don' t worry! I have a good heating in the apartment. So I still feel cosy and warm.

Maybe you will see a picture of my first snowman on this website very soon...


17-Nov 2008: Weekend in the US

I spent the weekend with Ute, Reinhold and Eric in the US.

Saturday morning I saw Santa Claus in a shopping center waiting for the children and their parents to assist in spending some money...


It was really amazing how hard the parents tried to get a nice picture of Santa Claus and their kids. Some children were so scared and no picture was taken.

After that Ute and I went to the historic farm to meet Reinhold and Eric and to see how to make apple juice in the old fashioned way. I heard also about different apple slicers.

On our way back I saw my first monkey brains. Ugh! But they are really not that horrible. Children use them to throw at each other, just for fun of course. Here you see how a monkey brain looks like:

That's it!

14-Nov 2008: Accommodation

This is my little home in Canada...


12-Nov 2008: First Day in Toronto

This is my first picture of Toronto. What do you think? It is taken from my apartment on Simcoe Street. Just checked in, the concierge told me to be careful in the subway, one of Toronto's public transportation. Always lean your back against the wall. Otherwise it could happen that a homeless person would push you on the platform...

 So I felt very comfortable right away. But I have already seen much nicer places today. Don't worry! The Eaton Shopping Center is not bad.

10-Nov 2008: Flight Itinerary

Tue 11-Nov 2008:

11:10 am  Dublin (DUB) to London, Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 1
07:05 pm London, Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 3 to Toronto, Pearson Int'l (YYZ) Terminal 1

Sat 29-Nov 2008:

10:55 pm Toronto, Pearson Int'l (YYZ) Terminal 1 to London, Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 3

Sun 30-Nov 2008:

03:35 pm London, Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 1 to Dublin (DUB)

I look forward to my intended trip to Toronto and hope to get a picture of the country and its inhabitants. As usual, I have no idea...